Monday, May 28, 2012

Doing well...

very nice very nice; We had to push Pierres baptismal date to the back of June; I'm sure he will eventually be baptized; he wants more time to tell his family; who are all catholic, so i probably will be transfered out of here by then; so its sad; but as long as he gets baptized; its all good.
Yesterday we got confronted by some jehovahs witnesses... i smashed them to the ground.  I then felt somewhat bad (for them); do they not think they i have studied the history of their church; and know how to destroy their efforts to disuade us!  Muslims; jehovahs witnesses; catholics; bhuddists; atheists; and protestants; but now I have ceased :-) ; it is a distraction; and in the long run it does nothing; but sometimes it just gets to me; and i cant help it
We had some more brazilian bbq yesterday; twas great as usual, however we were late getting home; its funny because you really start to understand why we have the be back at the apartment at 9:30 rule; because theres that quick switch right when the sun goes down, the metros turn crazy; and theres parties going down everywhere ha; absolutely nuts; so yeah that wont happen again
We saw a lady get her necklace stolen the other day; we would have chased them down, but the time we got up to the corner; they were long gone; and judging by all the kebabs ive been eating lately; i probably would have just wound up humiliating myself, two arab boys... of course, talked with the lady after; turned out it was a 500 euro necklace; kind of gives you a new point of view on Aladdin, i dont think i could ever watch that film again and not become enraged by a street theif arab
We are seeing paul tonight; a less active albanian man; i have told you about him before; the bouncer; im pretty sure hes in the mafia ha nah jokes; but seriously.. we are going through the lessons with him; he loves it; and i look forward to them every week
We had the best numbers in the zone this week, not that its about numbers; buuut just sayin, and then i read a passage in a book about how many lessons and investigators a missionary in peru gets; annnd that brought me back down to earth ha
We have a seventy coming this wednesday; i cant help but think that hes going to spiritually "smash" us; Elder Teixiera or somthing like that
Anyway; thanks for everything, thanks for the package thats coming; its finally sunny over here; and the metros are just sweaty and disgusting and it smells like africa
much love

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