Monday, April 23, 2012

Trudging Along...

sweeeet haha sounds like easter was pretty funny. shlobus shlobus shlobus.  For our easter we went and had dinner at an american familys place, there are a few american families in the ward and they invited us over; honey baked ham from the army base; mashed potatoes; cheesecake, and sweet potatoes; ah man american food is so much better than european food; do not be decieved by people who say that french cuisine is so much better because its not haha nah it was just cool to eat the classic american sunday dinner. 
All the metros; buses and trams have been down for the past couple of days; because a bus driver got in a wreck with another car full of.... arabs.  and the arabs got out and tried to get the bus driver but he locked himself inside the bus; but a ticket man from the same bus was caught outside making calls and so they beat him to death and ran away, good for nothings.  so of course everyone that works for the transportation in the city of brussels went on a little mini strike; because they are scared little pansies or they are just looking for any excuse not to work, it should all be back up and running tomorrow... classic europeans.. classic arabs. 
so we have been walking everywhere; an Hour and a half walk to the church this sunday. and then back again; none of our rendez vous worked because the metros were down; so it was just a lot of contacting and planning the past couple days. AND now litterally every shop is closed because its easter; so we have nowhere to shop for food; luckily we found a place to do emails because our first three places were closed; laaaaziest continent ever; makes me mad sometimes, its a challenge to try and love these people over here, i think they should re name the mission to African mission located in france and belgium mission.  because those are the people we do most of our teaching and contacting with... buuuuut we shall press on yatta
we have two people that are progressing and doing quite well; first is pierre; he has been coming to church everyweek and we see him every friday, he is reading the book the mormon, really chill nice guy, from Congo, i think hes 40 years old.  And then Roxana a 25 year old Romanian intern; shes doing pretty good, and we meet with her once sometimes twice a week down in place de luxembourg by all the european parliment buildings; theres a nice park next to it.  All the rest of our peeps are kinda off and on; but we've done alot of finding and hopefully it will pay off
anyway thanks for all the news; sounds pretty legit
much love

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