Monday, May 7, 2012

Transfers,... But staying (with a new comp.)

thats funny about joseph; what a shmeegle.  Cool to hear that both
united and byu are doing pretty good; thats legit; does zach play 12?

we got the transfer information; and im staying in Bruxelles, thats
what i wanted; i get a newer guy who just got finished being trained;
finally im not junior comp; geeeeeze louize, i see so many
missionaries that are older or have "leadership" positions (my italien
comp) that are just noobs, sometimes i really wonder whats going
through their head; meeeh maybe im just getting tested for my

but anyway im way excited; we are going to do alot of good things this
transfer i can tell; so it will be cool.  This past week i broke my
personal record for most lessons in a week; we had 15. yatta. and 4
amis at church.  I remember in Saint Quentin when i would have 2 or 3
lessons a week sometimes; that was really hard; but i look back at it;
and it was good for me.

during some contacting last week we met a young african dude; we later
met him down at "his place" pretty much the ghettos of all ghettos,
this building under construction on the street corner; where all the
African homies would stand around and hang out; on the same road there
are all these big loading garages and every once and a while a driver
or store owner will come and pick a few african dudes to come help him
unload; and they get paid a little; ha; wow its like 18th century
southern USA all over again.  however we started teaching our friend
on the bench and low and behold all the brothas started coming out;
listening in, sitting down with us; and then 4 of them showed up to
church this past sunday; pretty unexpected, awesome.

apartment is getting a bit crazy, with transfers coming up; we tend to
get a little too excited; water balloons all up that apartment; place
turned into a huge; oh good times.  The Italian wasnt happy; thats
only because hes a noob and cant catch so his bed and himself got
pretty wet ha

anyway; thats about all i can think of right now; thanks for the
letters; i shall write back shortly

much love

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