Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Good Week...

Well that is pretty cool, sounds like zach did prrrretty good, sweeeet.  i assume yall are all back in the states now?  mariah is up to shananigans?? good somebody needs to carry on the legacy ha, In saint Quentin i wrote down all the things i have done in my junior high and highschool days; to make sure i dont forget them, as i started writing i found there was alot more than i thought, setting the neighbors yard on fire, crickets in the timpview bball game, bombing the porta potty, good times good times; but anywho

tell zachary congratulations; thats pretty cool, and schlobus is a shmeegle ha
I look forward to the package, that will be really cool, thanks.  

thanks for the magic trick, i will give it a try
today we had a burrito fete with the stronbeck elders; its a tradition thats been in the mission for years; you just get together, make and eat burritos for hours, good stuff good stuff. i must say my eating habits are not the best right now ha; lots and lots of kebaps, some belgian waffles here and there and then meat back at the apartment; but imma try eating a little healthier; we shall see how that goes.

This week we did alot of contacting again, finding new peeps to start teaching; and we have had a pretty good amount of success? teaching some belge; some french; some africans a russian and a couple romanians, the romanian girl we are teaching is money right now; its going pretty good.

conference was great, i know its hard to believe; but i really did enjoy it; lots of questions answered and very motivational, Elder Bednar beeeaast; Elder Holland beeeeaaast, Elder Eyring beeeeaast, Elder Christophersen beeeaaast, Prophet beeeaaaast

it was very cool, great talks, we ordered pizza and just had a great weekend; of course numbers went down; so now its time to start getting back into it

I would send some pictures but these computers are so jacked up, ive given up trying, so i will have to try and find another way.  there was a pretty big "demonstration" the other day in place de luxembourg; close to downtown; tons of dudes with bright orange turbans running around; we taught a lesson right around the corner from it; for multiple reasons we couldnt really go anywhere else; she didnt have a ton of time; i was gonna take a picture of it and send it to yall but my comp freaked out and said it was a bad idea hahaha ageed; but i still couldve snuck a pic easily; maybe next time

anyway thanks for everything; the emails; the packages; letting me know whats going down over there

much love; talk to you soon

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