Monday, April 23, 2012

Movin' Along... (and some (gross) Hijinks)

hello everybody i hope its going great

this week was pretty good; we set a baptismal date with a scientology
guy; and he accepted; but im not too sure that he fully realizes yet
all that he will have to leave behind in order to follow Christ and be
baptized.  Hes a great guy; from Hungary

We just came from our apartment where we made Elder Broadbent a newer
missionary do the milk challenge... yeah he threw up all over in that
piece haha; but no worries i got a great  video of it; which i will
show once home ha.  On friday during weekly planning; i drinking tons
of water seeing how clear i could get my pee; right up to the point
where you would think its water... so i recieved the challenge to
drink it; and i did baby; pretty warm, I did drink it through one of
those "filtering" brita pitchers though; still a little yellow; still
a bear grylls fan; still a bear grylls fan.

Right now we are seeing this guy Théophile; a 19 year old WHITE FRENCH
BOY, wow; i never would have though; and he is super super interested;
he came to church and loved it, after church members were coming up to
me; asking all about him; just a solid solid investigator; i hope
things keep going smoothly

Before i forget; can you get me; Quinns address or the one that works
best for him; that makes me so sad; hes a brother, i would like to
send him a letter.

As for the priesthood class and those hard questions; so so true; we
get those questions all the time; and if you really get into it; you
can find logical answers that confound every bit of them but....
theres really no point; people that ask you those questions and let
those things stop from thinking about what really matters; are
probably the people that you should drop and stop teaching, so yeah

Shlobus climbin the mountains; good times good times; and there is no
doubt about it; thats one of things i look forward to the most;
shmeeglin in the mountains with shlobus, that will be too fun.

tell mariah happy birthday, thanks again for the package; the magic
tricks and bean boozeled; the other guys loved them.

we continue to do tons and tons of contacting; its hard to stay happy
and positive in days like that; sometimes you just feel like going
crazy and youre just wasting your time with people who dont give a
rats bum about God; or even talking with other people for that matter;
but just like we found théo and Atella the scientologist; people are
out there that want to listen

much love, talk to you soon

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