Monday, April 16, 2012

Walking..., Walking,... Walking...

bonjour tout le monde

first off thanks for the package; i just got it today, and everybody
loved the bean boozeled, they just think its hilarious, luckily they
didnt see the other goodies that wait in store for them; so thankyou
very much for that.

The metros trams and buses were down until wednesday; so still quite a
bit of walking, we measured and its about 7.5 miles to go to the
church and back; add in the other rendez vous we had to walk and thats
came around close to 10 miles of walking a day; no exageration homies,
thats the bad thing about being in a big city; the transportation goes
down and youre pretty helpless; and of course it rained every day that
the metros were down and once they started working it cleared up and
became sunny, sometimes i wonder if God was angry ha no i joke, its
all good

This sunday was soo.... interesting.  An inactive came to church;
first time ive seen him, smelling of cigarettes and a little acohol.
it was testimony meeting and he decided to get up and tell everyone
how he he sold himself to men and did hardcore drugs; oh good gosh;
and most of our investigators didnt show up; thats kind of a blessing
because that would not have been good for them to hear that, and i sat
next to james yamadan; an autistic kid about 16 in the ward who never
stops yelling and touching people, and afterward our ward mission
leader wasnt there to teach the investigators class; so i had to go
find him; only to find he was chilling with with all the young adults;
so we all crammed into a tiny room and had a rather ill prepared and
awkward lesson by our less than stellar ward mission leader, and then
our investigator left early; saying he had "shopping to do" probably
one of the worst sundays of my life; its definitly not a day of rest,
i guess thats why they give us P days on mondays

buuuuuuuttttt, quickly things turned around; we met a vietamese man i
contacted a few days ago for the first time; we met up with him in the
metro stop and walked to the church together, we asked him a few
questions got to know him; he speaks french, he has a family but he is
divorced and was just looking for happiness and a better family
relationship; i took the lead in that lesson baby, im sorry but my
comp is a bit awkward; great guy though, anyway he said when i called
him that he felt good and wanted to meet with us; so we talked about
God our Heavenly Father; and how through His Son Jesus Christ we can
find happiness and peace even in jacked up europe, he loved it; wants
to see us again and bring his kids as well;

i got the address to his Vietemese restaurant that he works at so im
hoping to see him there too (and get a discount on some asian cuisine)

its been a hard week; thinking about a lot of things and alot of
things going wrong; but theres still those really good moments that
keeps us chugging along, tis cool

anyways thats cool to hear about the family; keep me updated; joseph
is a shmeegle and hilarios; mariah congrats on track; that is legit,
when i was your age; i really wasnt that athletic, it wasnt until
around high school that i started passin people up, now i look down at
them and cackle hahahahaha

much love; much respect; happy birthday, and tell zach to answer my email


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