Monday, March 26, 2012

"Truckin' Along"

Our baptism didnt happen because martin decided to move last second pretty much, out of our area; so we will just have to contact the missionaries in the other mission; too bad; but oh well.
Thats crazy zach is london; wow let me know how he does for sure. how many games are they playing.

I gave a talk in sacrament; they asked me right before it started; so that was a nice surprise; i just talked about prayer and shared my experience about joseph in sainte quentin; it went pretty well if you ask me. In the bus the other day; this young tall black guy 24 about; confronted us; and was like hey mormons; tell me about your beliefs; so i gave him a quick first lesson there on the bus and he loved it; i saw his nikes and asked if he played bball; and sure enough he does; and he is pretty legit by the sounds of it; so he will be coming next weekend to samedi sports to play with us; when i told himwe have a church with a court in it; he freaked out; thought that was too cool; we talked about the nba and joked around quite a bit haha my homie

Froze the ZLs slippers into a block of ice yesterday; that was pretty funny.

We got the transfer email a couple days ago; and im staying for another transfer at least; so that's good.  we have some pretty cool investigators right now, a couple of them super interested; new people that we have found; weve been doing a tooon of finding; get some new blood for this upcoming transfer; and so far its working great; except joana is drinking again; we got a semi drunk phone call from her last night, so we will see what happens.  

Im about half way through the BOM in french; so thats cool; I love personal study in the morning; getting that spiritual knowledge to help out your investigators or own the bible noobs, whichever.  How is mariah doing in school and track?

I need more magic tricks too; sheesh i tell you what; we still colette and her daughter gracia alot, we go over to there place once a week and she cooks us up a huge african meal everytime; its family away from my family, and thats what she says too. i showed them all my magic tricks, but most of them didnt stump them; they are too smart ha.  so i must learn more; im learning some new card tricks, so ill add that to my repetoire.

Im not too sure what else to say, i hope things are going well with everybody; schlobus included.

Much much much love; until next time Adios  

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