Monday, January 30, 2012

A Good Week...

Very cool, yeah transfers are soon, there like an 85 percent chance that im going to stay in st quentin, but if you wanna wait to send the package; thats fine too, Sounds like rugby is going pretty good at byu and united thats cool.
I went on an exchange to Lille last tuesday; very very cool city; the third biggest in the mission i think; after Paris and Brussels, there were alot more people to talk with; and they all werent old either ha
The language is coming along slooowly but surely; so thats cool as well.  And we go back into paris AGAIN on thursday; and amiens again for district meeting tomorrow; there is wwaaaaaayy too many of these little meetings; i tell you what sheesh; i was especially dissapointed becuase we had a rendez vous with a younger guy we found; so now we have to reschedule that; joobies.
A few days ago while doing some porting in one of those big ghetto apartment buildings, we found a young guy; johnathan; 19 years old, lives with his grandpa, we gave the classic approach and he was nice; gave us his number; He said he loved basketball and the USA and wants to go there; so i invited him to play Bball with us on saturday mornings with the youth of the ward; he was so pumped, buuut now we have things getting in the way so we cant do it this saturday or next saturday; its flippin frustrating, cuz i know if he just comes once he would love it; love the boys; the church; playing bball; buuuttt now we just wait i guess; but we gave him the first lesson this past week and it went really well.
Also we met some nigerian immigrants on the bus a few days ago; they spoke english; so we got to talking; they were way chill so we set up to meet with them a couple days later; one of the two showed up; the other guy was doing some legal stuff; cuz they qre looking for legality and work; so we met up with joseph; black; skinny tall guy, we met at the cathedral and walked down to the church where we started talkin a bit; long story short he left africa becuase its a horrible place; his dad was the leader in his church; but then his dad died so he was next in line; but he said the church did weird stuff like animal sacrifice and he refused; so they beat him almost to death; he had this massive scar on his forhead; eventually he was chased out of africa; and he had to leave his family and come to france; 23 years old look for work; living in some kind of government ghetto, so we told him a bit about our church and invited him to read the BOM, he said he would; so its rough stuff, he would say "by the grace of God i am here now; i just want to follow Jesus and turn my life around, but it comes; little bit at a time; our time is not Gods time, you understand?" amen brotha amen, "i have alot to be thankful for; good health... i can walk, but you are very good people, i can see that; you understand? i will read the book"  so we that was intense; technically it was a lesson; and you write that down in your planner; and give it to the zone leaders, and what not; but he for sure tought us more that night, what an inpiration; you almost feel guitly after that; so you just try harder to do more.
But yatta anywho, what are the brethren up to these days? and mariah? I am now the all powerful master at church because of my ability to give reeses to whom ever i please, even the adults are starting to come up to me, shmeeglin around for my reeses; i just have to round house kick some peeps to the face hahaha
Feed the birds... toppins a bag
Thanks again, toodles

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