Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Week...

Good stuff good stuff; its great to hear about the clan; especially spropumbus, and the support i get from mom and dad; thankyou very much; respect respect; i do take both of your advice and try to put it to good use, if you could tell Aaron to email me that would be sweet; it was great the things he explained at the mtc; having served a mish.
Sooo what went down this week... I had an exchange in Amiens; prrretty cool happnin city; i was with Elder Paoletti from Perpignan, we went on member splits, i met an older member guy from madagascar at the church where we waited for another dude from madagascar, our investigator; we prepared a little before and then Paul; our investigator showed up and we gave him the lesson; probably my best lesson yet; he really let me take the reigns; i was not expecting it; but it went greeeeaaat. after we walked back to his place; i met his family and elder paolette showed up; they fed us some pretty good but super super spicy soup; good good
It was a great exchange, gave two books of mormon; got two numbers two potential investigators; just the confidence boost i needed for the ol language
It's super super cold here now; and it snowed a couple days ago, so i bought one of those sick furry hats that cover most of the head ya know what im saaayin; only one euro; wow what a steal
Went to Paris again because my companion had a training thing; so i got to see some of the boys i knew; we did contacting for the first hour and then they let us loose; so i took elder garcia and we walked around just wherever in paris; lookin for some foods, if we had more time we wouldve taken the metro but we just had an hour or so; so we could go far
Joseph the african guy came to church yesterday; our first investigator to church here in saint quentin (thats one thing thats gonna change once my comp leaves haha) thats for sure something im gonna focus on, we have a killllller ward; if we can just get people to church; it would heeeelp sooo much; so yeah; but he loved it
Sunday night we drove out to the Polletts farm again and had dinner; spiritual thought and what not; and then they showed us the bunkers outside; oh wow; we put the cow jumpuits on again and went outside; these huge caves; at first they were quarries for cathedral stone; then in ww1 they were bunkers for french AMERICAN and german soldiers; so on the walls theres engravings of flags of all countries and names and what not; there was a 18 foot hole with a chain that we got to go down; im surprised they let us do it to be honest; waaay cool.
But anywho i get along great with the young men here; they are my key to learning the language i tell you what; at church and meeting we just talk and talk its great, its almost just like back at home; we love to mess around, so its great
anywho much love; peace out,
Hey theres skittles in there!!!

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