Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back on Track!

Sup homies; last week was pretty stressful; i just remember being frustrated and i guess that came out in my email, i apologize; but this week is better
mama gooch i got all the christmas cards and t shirts, the cards were great i loved them, although i didnt take your advice and opened up 3 of them on one day ha but all good; the shirts are awesome too
my comp is doing good; we are all good; i misjudged him a little bit; i know it sounds weird; he is a hard worker, theres just some things that he does that i would do differently, thats all, when i look at some of the other missionaries around here; i got really lucky to get this guy, he wakes up on time, we work all day until its time to go back; he speaks good french; and we keep all the rules; so its all good
we went to paris on saturday for my legality; and that went well, so thats good, got to see all the elders from my mtc group, that was pretty cool
yesterday we went to lille for zone conference and interviews with president, it was great i loved it, my interview was in french so i though i did pretty good; i told president how things were going good; and one of my top goals is the language; his answer surprised me, he said my french sounded great; but then he said; learning a language is like an american film, it always has a good ending; you will learn the french language; theres no doubt; what you should really be focusing on is your relationship with your Heavenly Father; so he asked me about my spiritual goals; i was surprised a bit; but after having thought about it; i think he is completely right. im a bit competitive and i really want to learn the lang; but in all honestly i think im far better than average at this point; so its time to straightin out my priorites
but sister poznanski told me what elder bednar said when asked how missionariescan learn the language faster he used three steps
1. missionaries pray morning day and night for help with the language
2. the family of the missionary pray morning day and night to help his language
3. learn the language for the right reasons; to teach the gospel
so if yall could do that; thatd be cool thaaaaankyou.
At this point we have one progressing investigator, hes old soooooooo thats kind of cool i guess ha but last time we saw him we read a bit out of the BOM and i told him a little bit about how we can pray and find out if its true; and how cool prayer is.  He just started crying; crying, crying, i do not know why, before we left he shook my hand and told me thankyou pointed at me and kind of poked me in the chest
so that was inspiring
anywho home sounds cool, hopefully ryan and chris head out soon
rugby sounds cool, i love to hear about it; thanks alot
peace out homies, much love; thankyou mom dad and mariah

P.s.  Some pics:  thug life in the ghetto of saint quentin, milking cows with the pollette family; chrismas day after dinner at pascals

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