Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving Along...

Sup hoooooomies
I got your package just barely; thankyou very much for all the stuff; and the reeses; theyre practically like drugs around here; soon the ward will be under my control and my underground reeses trade will be underway
I hope y'all are getting my pictures, im not very good at this computer stuff
Much love and thanks for the prayers; it shall help indeed, I'm heading up to Brussels this week for my legality in Belgium; I forgot which day though. 

Man Saint Quentin is not easy; President asked my comp "do you have enough faith to find someone in Saint Quentin?" so its a rough spot; small and lots of old people, but yatta; we are finding some peeps slowly but surely; young ones too
I finished Jesus the Christ a couple weeks ago; wow what an intense book ha; one of my favorites; in my previous life I would never have read it ha but now thats the only thing that I read in English; so its like a nice break and I really enjoyed it ha, a couple days ago we ate kangaroo at a members house; to be honest, it tasted like beef; very nice beef, no big difference, thats really cool to hear about jeff; now alllll the boys are out; jared; joshua; jeff; pete; (I hope Joseph); logan; talen; preston; ezra; luke; the lisssst goes on; sooooo coooooooll
What are the brrrrrethren up to??? scrophus and mariah??? and it sounds like I left at the right time, because winter doesnt sound too wet or cold; which is cool in a way; but thats gonna have its effects on rafting in the summer, thaaaatttss too bad ha
Anywho thanks again; talk to you all soon

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