Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy, busy...

Suuup G units; (zach is just a unit) hmmm as for my next package... the miracle of forgiveness and the great apostasy by talmage, if you could chuck those in there; thatd be sweet; but other than that; you can choose
and yeah i got the all blacks bag thing in the christmas package; thankyou very much its way cool.
Faja that is a very good idea; i was having similar ideas, because earlier when i would try to make a list or set goals; they would change the next day cuz i was learning new stuff or changing my views; but now seems just about right; ive got the routine down and what not.  

On sunday bishop told me all about how mitt romney is doing ha; very interesting, i think if obama spent a few weeks over in france he would see what socialism can do to a country haha sheees no good
that sounds like a crazy schedule for aaron; sheeesh; i imagine it doesnt seem that bad to him though; coming straight from a mish. his schedule sounds alot like.... my first semester at BYU!! oooh joobies; mono, weights and conditioning in the morning; classes; evening practice; then legends grill.... you gotta do what you gotta do to bring home the bacon, ha je blague je blague, so aaron is doing rugby; thats way cool; how many years will we play together; 1 or 2
yeah i would love to see some pictures of back home, scropus especially,
My pictrures; one is me in Gare Du Nord in paris; the other ones outside are in brussels; and a belgian waffle; with that famous peeing baby in the background, and me with my christmas present from elder paoletti from perpignan; a perpignan rugby scarf; straight from the stadium itself; prrrretty legit; i wore it the whole day.
We have been finding more potential investigators; some of them i feel really good about, so i hope that it things will go smoothy and we will continue to find more peeps
much love; talk to you soon

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