Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Having Too Much Fun...

Thank you for the packages, the rugby shirts and chocolate and everything else, it was very very very very cool thankyou, and thankyou grandma for your chocolate too.  Shlopus (Joseph) how funny haha.  And thankyou mom very much for the rugby pics and news articles, i think i read through all of them at least 3 times. 
We are the oldest district in our zone now, so the days are counting down until we get out of here, I am excited to leave.
When you sent me the rugby ball I was worried that it would be hard to get my roomates to pass it with me, oh no no no, once we get back to the room every night they won't stop throwin it around, it's funny, they want to pass it more than I do "Elder Webber cmon lets go outside and pass the ball around" haha of course I'm down for that.
Sonny Bill to the chiefs, how interesting
Oooother than that, nooooottt much goes down around here, I have a haircut today, our spanish companionship moved out of dorm room so now it's back to the 4 of us which is nice, but me and Elder Andrus left their bunk in our room and scooted next to ours so we both have "king" sized beds, shhhooo good.  And let's be honest I'm getting pretty dang good at volleyball, that's all we play at gym time, but we love it, owning the noobs, spiking it into foolish young ones, breaking their watches haha noobs noobs noobs.
Pete is doing good too, I see him almost every lunch, he leaves for the D.R. MTC in few days, pretty crazy.
And oh yeah, if i could ask for ooooonnnee very last thing, sorry, my byu rugby hoody, i don't have like a normal sweatershirt or anything, so that would be useful.

Love you 

Elder Josh

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