Monday, November 28, 2011

First letter From The Field

suup homies
my email will be small cuz the keyboards make no sense here
first night i slept at the mission home; it was great; plenty of food and what not
Then we went into paris the next day; to the chapel which is right in the middle of paris; the most expensive lds chapel in the world; im not surprised
met my new trainer; elder gibbons; whoooo is very femish which is not cool
and i feel like he is a bit of a slacker; every day i try ask him if we can do more with our investigatores
but we do plenty of stuff; its not that bad; it just could be better
ive eaten 3 meals with members all of them were so so good
lamb, pasta, cheeses, turkish kababs, good stuff
I introduced myself in sacrament meeting yesterday
weve done some door knocking and contacting and what not
we give english classes to some peeps,  its good for them but it also helps my french too
we have around 7 investigators; and we have taught a decent amount of lessons
when i got to my first area saint quentin; we went straight to an investigators house and gave a lesson; so that was pretty scary; i just shared a scripture and bore testimony; and said how the bom has helped me
35 rue du gouvernement
02100 Saint Quentin
this is my new address
we ate dinner with pierre and his family a few nights ago; they aren't members; but we teach pierre english; hes about 26 and still living at home; but it was a good dinner ha; it lasted like almost 4 hours i think; me and pierre talked about bball; and his dad likes the perpignan rugby team; so we had soome good rugby discussion ha
after church yesterday the membres took us back to their place for lunch which was another 3 hour meal; and we took the train back
then pascals for dinner
now after a 2 hour train ride i am in lille up north; for a thanksgiving thing with the zone;
i hope all is well ha
tell shlobus hello
Elder Webber

PS.  just a little more; my apartment is right behind this huge huge cathedral; oh so cool
but the first couple nights in the field were hard; im still working on my french
i want to get it down so i can contribute more; cuz right now i rely alot on my trainer; and i dont really like that
cant wait till i get the language down

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