Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy About Being World-Champs ( a little Distraction)

FINALLY, WORLD CUP CHAMPS, what a hard world cup for them, well deserved indeed.  And good for Stephen Donald and Aaron Cruden. 
It's good to hear about shaun, that is really really cool, Elder rockwood is doing great too and is already in florida, and elder harper is doing great too.
Yeah i see Elder wilkinson probably every day in the cafteria, so we talk and what not quite a bit, it's cool.
Thankyou very much for the play by play, me and elder burgess loved it, and thanks to mom and mariah again for sending me those clothes and cookies, it was really cool to get them, i think i read the whole play by play letter at least 4 times, good stuff, good stuff.
And i talked to my Branch President about meeting up with my brother, and he said he has heard of that too and is going to look into it.
San Francisco was fun, it was cool to get out of the mtc for a while, and see all the homos in babylon haha
Did richie mccaw or anybody cry during after match interviews or getting the trophy, what did the coaches have to say about the game?
I still feel for DC what a cool guy, who knows maybe that will motivate him to go for another world cup. but he'll be getting pretty old, in rugby years, by then.
I got to walk down to the byu laundry yesterday with my companion elder andrus because he needed some alterations on some of his suits, aah the old workplace, good times, and i saw Gareth, said hi and shook his hand, he's the guy i used to do rag runs with in the truck, he would always give me advice about the mish, ha good stuff
I also finally finished the book of mormon yesterday, so that makes it twice that i've read through it, twas good; twas good, now im starting over in French, so we'll see how that goes.
Cool to see that Trey is back, i almost forgot about him ha, im not too sad im missing out on any sevens though ha that was never my scene.
And yeah i leave the MTC november 21, so i'm past half way in the mt-sizzle.  Im not sure on anything else though, thats all i know.
Richard G. Scott came to our tuesday devotional this last tuesday, He talked about the spirit, how we should write down the promtings we recieve and we'll recieve more, he gave us all a blessing at the end, that we could realize our weaknesses and make them our stengths.
That's just about what's gone down here, just studying and reading all day every day, french is coming along.
I have come to realize that the biggest blessing in my life besides the Gospel is having 4 brothers.  I don't think anything else has changed or influenced me more than growing up with them (Mariah is also a blessing, but in a different way) Sometimes there's just some elders around here that are straight-up babies, a couple of them in my district, it sickens me almost, they get offended faster than a 10 year old girl, frankly it's embarrassing, one day i just asked one of them, Do you have any brother(s) elder?  And they would say no, wow that answered everything.  It's gonna be a long two years for you until you learn how grow up and associate with other guys.  Sooo it makes me mad sometimes, but on the other side, it makes me grateful for the brothers i was blessed with.
anywho, thankyou all again
thankyou mom and mariah for sending the letters and packages!
word to your motha
Elder Webber

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