Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Week in the MTC

Thank you Mom for the package, and thanks jophus for the drawings haha :)
Thank you Dad for the advice, that is very true, and I will remember that, be the companion that I want to have. I looked back on my journal like you said, and it is crazy how far I have come already, with french and the gospel, can't wait to get out into the field.
I will be making the call to you guys anytime between 2-4 oclock pm utah time, my flight leaves at 4:55 on monday, so beeeeeeeee ready haha
Thankyou mom and dad for all the advice and thoughts, I really do think about them and use them each day, it is extremely helpful, and I look forward to them
I am excited to leave and start learning and teaching, pushing myself outside my comfort zone every day, it'll be crazy fun.
Talk to you soon....
-Elder Webber

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