Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Good Week...

Al goes very well.

The french visas are pretty smooth and easy going, so I should be good to go by November 21 but stuff has happened before so you never know.
That is great news on Jared, exciting stuff, Marshall islands, thats crazy, what language do they speak there??   Tell him I say goodluck and look forward to seeing after the mish.

Mom-- thankyou for the quote, good stuff, good stuff, and Dad thank you too, I thought about both of them quite a bit.
When I was able to meet up with Aaron it was awesome, it was motivating and inspirational, I mean that.  I later told most of my district what he had to say, and they all got pretty excited to go out into the field and start working, so he helped out more than he probably thought, it was just what I needed as well as my whole district.
DAD- as for your email, thank you

I thought about it, and the mission is something you spend your whole life looking forward to, so it's best not to waste any time, I told myself I would use the same strategy that I use before a rugby game; I will have no regrets.  Balls out for the whole two years, as long as I give it 101% each day than really thats all we have to worry about.
A couple days ago at the devotional we had a man come speak to us, he was the international legal advisor for the church or somthin like that, he told us all about the work that goes on so we can get visas to different countries, it is so crazy, all these very smart brethren that do all this and trust a bunch of 19 year old boys to go out and do the thing that matters most, go teach.
So it is a HUGE responibility, and I realize that more each day, so balls out, no regrets for the whole mission.
Anyway, Mom thankyou for the updates on whats going on back home, I love hearin about it, thankyou thankyou thankyou
love you all
-Elder Webber

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