Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Week!

Thankyou so much mom! i love hearing about home, and Rugby! both equally haha.  nah jk.  But i didnt know my password and stuff so im only down to a few  minutes to email you, so i have to make it short.  the french is coming along pretty good, im studying so hard everyday, and when you are in a small classroom for 6 hours straight with 8 other guys and no air conditioning it can get pretty hard, but i love my companion and my district, i was so blessed to get this group of guys, they are all alot like me, want to do the right thing, very righteous dudes but still know how to have a good time and crack some jokes every now and then, maaaaybe a little too much sometimes, but all good all good the Lord understands haha. I told dad that my companion is Elder Andrus, we were in the same french class in Junior high, what a crazy surprise, another one of the elders in my district went to church college, he knows jared and joshua and ezra, so it's prettty cool to have some fun with him.
so hows the mtc you ask?
wake up early, (which is not as hard as you and dad made it seem like it would be!) personal study, then breakfast, then companion study, then language class for three hours, lunch, more personal study, then maybe a meeting or somthing, then dinner, then Language study again for 3 hours, and then we teach a person from byu who pretends to be an investigator, her name is fanni, she is very very fluent in french, so she doesnt say a word of english when we try to teach her.  we had to give her a 30 minute lesson in complete french the second day!!! we tried to teach her about the plan of salvation, but she doesnt believe in God (which is like the majority of europeans) so our next lesson was on prayer, but then she said she wouldnt pray, so then we taught her on faith, its a process i guess, its how most people will be in paris.  Elder Foley in our district was telling me how hard it is to talk to people in france, he lived in france for 4 years, most french people won't answer their doors if they see missionaries, and they will just ingore you or pretend you're not there when you try to talk with them.  they dont like americans too much because we are the opposite, very outgoing and loud kind of people, french are very reserved and quiet i guess.
but anyway, tell ben to work on his kick and left handed pass, tell zach he needs to start the work now if he wants to win a championship, and have more fun with his highschool years haha, tell mariah i love her and joseph too.
love you mom

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