Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doing Well!

Yes it is true, i am a little depressed, Dan Carter's injury what an awful thing to behold... i feel for the man.  however i cannot dwell on babylon haha.  Thanks mom for the packages, my companion loves his french ctr ring ha, and thanks again for the play by play, i'll have to buy and watch the 2011 world cup dvd once i get back... only if the ABs win.  Yeah i got a letter from Pete, man i am excited to see him, it'll be awsome, and i see Elder Harper almost every day, he's doing great and it's great to talk with him every once and a while.  Tell mariah i really appreciated her letter, it meant alot to me and inspires me to work harder. 
My french is coming along slowly but surely, we practiced street contacting last night with our zone, and once i get talking i find that i know more french than i think i know. 
Conference was great, alot of missionary directed talks which was great, i had questions answered, and i loved it.  My companion was able to fall asleep through two talks and a hymn where everyone in the room was standing up and singing haha what a noob.  Just like young mens and scouts, our district is the loudest and can get a little crazy sometimes, but hey thats how we relieve stress and relax, haha we joke around! but we know when to get serious, i think we study harder than most. 
What do you guys think about the new provo temple? Pretty cool i thought, really close to byu campus too.
I've met a couple of the byu rugby boys here too, once of them teaches fijian, so it was good to see him and think of some gooood times, goooood rugby.  Elder Burgess and I are getting pretty tight, i'm trying to convince him to come up to BYU after his mish and play some rugby, he wants to.
Also have Ben and Zach read Doctrine and Covenants 107, mainly versus 40-65 but ESPECIALLY versus 99 and 100 haha just somthing for them to think about, the seriousness of Bens calling, and it would be cool for zach to read it too.
Tell scropus jobus i say hi
Tell zach to start working on his kicks, left handed pass and watch how the 12 runs lines
I apreciate the letters and advice that i get from you and dad, it is very helpful and it is somthing that i always look forward to.
Oh yeah last P day my district went over to the medical building cuz we had to do some more tests, we all had to get our blood drawn, and Elder Gunter was also just as scared as needles as i was haha so it was all good.  Then they told us we had to give a stool sample, probably the most disturbing thing I've had to do ever.  The cup they gave us was soooo small, it was ridiculous, and then after taking a duce in that tiny thing, we had to scoop out a "marble" size piece and mix it into a vile and give back to them later that day haha, oh my word we couldn't stop laughing, we were all in the same bathroom in stalls next to each other, such interesting noises, geeze.
haha but nevermind that.
Love you all, and thank you

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