Monday, July 30, 2012

A Daddy :-)!

This week was another hard one; trying to convince my comp to do some things differently, or anything; it's like I had to work my butt off and think my brains out to try and get some respectable work done, but we survived and he's going home soon; where he wants to be; so let him have it; im trying to be extra nice to him these last couple days; and hes doing alright BUT ANYWHO...

I'm a father... i have a son...

I got the call a couple days ago; that i am going to train this next transfer; and training lasts two transfers; so i will be in Cergy for at least another two transfers, trainer=father.  Blue or new missionary=son. so that means my trainer who is dying (going home) this next week is now a grandfather; what fruitfull loins; fruitful loins indeed

Im super excited for it; i have been wanting to train for a while now; yeeessh i pray so that i can remember the difficulties and challenges i had when i was a blue and the things i wish i learned; so i can pass it on to this new missionary, we are going to have a Party AND work hard at the same time; yes it is indeed possible.  Im also staying district leader so im pretty stoked about that as well, itll be a busy two couple transfers coming up, its going to be legit though

hmm for the pachage; just whatever you chuck in there will be much appreciated, all the other packages previous have been great; no worries

much love

Elder Webber

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