Sunday, July 22, 2012


hello hello, no more sickness thank goodness
I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me when i come do emails; but i will remember next week and email you some photos; no problemo.

Yesterday i went to my first full on african evangelical prayer; dance concert; pagan worship, gift of tongues thingy... oh my word.. church is true, church is true; thats all i have to say about that. ha we were suppose to be meeting with a potential investigator; but lo and behold; we got lured into this thing, we decided to stay; the music was catchy, and the african woman behind us yelling all kinds of chicken noises; gift of tongues baby haha oh my word.  the preacher after went on a rant about blood covenants and all that jazz; after a few minutes of that we decided to bounce that joint, couldnt take any more apostate doctrine, good people; really enthusiastic; just lacking some basic common sense there me thinks, wheeeen did Jesus teach anything like this anywhere; show me in the bible

If nothing else; it was testimony of how the Church of Christ is really organized 

one of our top investigators dropped us, because he spoke with his parents and they told him the whole polygamy and sect thing, i convinced him to come meet us at the train station anyway so could clear some stuff up, we put all those stupid lies to rest; but he still couldnt and didnt want to continue seeing us; but he said he would continue reading the BOM, so hopefully one day; he will come around; it was a real shame; good guy

All else is well; numbers are back up.  me and the two other elders i lived with in bruxelles that got sent down here to paris are leading the way apparently; paris was reaaally stuggling; but we saw some legit numbers in bruxelles; so now with a new point of view; things are turning around down here, president is a smart man

thanks again; much love; joseph keep up the dance moves

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