Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going Well...

ah man it sounds like an absolute party back there in the land of milk and honey, spring time is just too good, school ending; rugby in full swing and shlobus still being a shmeegal ha.

thats much respect to United, I think thats legit; before i forget; do you think the national chamionship will be in rio tinto when i get back?  Anyway, so zach threw up from nervousness; ah man thats too good; i cant wait to come back and watch them play.  and play with them some day; that will be too fun.  BYU well deserved indeed; thats so cool; thats too bad that Cal had to drop down; it would be sweet to beat them in the national chamionship; but thats still really cool.

I would love to coach the backs at united some day as well; maybe even when shlobus is grown up a little and playing; ha but by then i think i will be around 33, so thats a ways away. much much respect to United; what a perfect team; they were more than a team when i went there; it changed alot of guys lives and keeps them on the straight and narrow; something great to work toward; give coach colin my thanks.

before i forget; if you want... before you send my package off; i hope you havnt sent it yet; could you chuck a quotes book in there; just any cool book with some quotes in it; i think we use to have a little; something like that.

We set a baptismal date with Pierre, a great guy who i have been teaching for a while, i hope all goes well and he will be baptized on the 9th of June, what a great pre birthday gift ha.  Something great happened a few days ago; during fast and testimony meeting at church; Sister Dravie, an african woman in our ward got up to bare her testimony, she got baptized a couple years ago. she lives alone,  She talked about how she was going through a really hard time; bad health and other things; one day she prayed really hard; she missed the missionaries; she hadnt seen them for a long time and thought they forgot about her, she wanted help.  in her testimony she said that right after her prayer she heard the doorbell ring; she opened the door, it was Elder Webber and Elder Dicataldo, we were just finishing off our list of recent converts we wanted to go see; and her name was next; it wasnt until many weeks later; during her testimony that i knew her prayer had been answered and that we were lucky enough to be a part of that, anyway, she was so excited to see us; weve seen her many times since; i gave her a blessing last night; things are going great. So i guess thats my spiritual thing for the day ha

Many weeks ago me and elder D contacted an african woman in the street; we came to find out she was less active member; we got her number and talked to her for a while, we passed her number on to the sister missionaries; yesterday we found out that her three daughters and her nephew are taking the lessons now and they all want to get baptized; all from a 2 minute contact on the road; pretty cool

We had dinner last night with a family from Goiania Brazil;, i dont know if i spelled that right; we ate some brazilian bbq; i thought that was pretty funny

anyways much love, thanks for the letters and package, tell the bros good luck with rugby; mariah good luck with track and soccer; and Aaron good luck with school and opionionology haha


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