Monday, March 12, 2012

Going well...

Aah wow alot of really cool news, rugby sounds so intense; that is so
cool that zach made the all american team.  Does Aaron know that ward
that I asked about last time? Does he know what his major is yet?

James Young; what a stud; make sure you tell him congratulations for
me, he's a really cool guy; and I think he's gonna do some awesome
things out in the mission field, British Columbia how cool.  And cool
that Chris I mean Elder Rytting is back out; great news.

Okay about the baptism, The mom asked me to baptize her and Gracia
the daughter asked Elder D my comp, everything went smooth; tons of
their family showed up, just like any normal african family event; we
were the minority, lots of black people, and now tons of their family
are taking the lessons and want to get baptized; but they live in
different areas so the other elders will be taking care of that.

I've litterally taken no pictures other than those baptism ones I
sent; since being here; we have some time today on p day; so we might
go do some of that.  Our main investigators at this point are Odry; 24
year old african dude; works at a chocolate store so we got the
hookups for sure; Joana D'arc, we are going to give her the 7 day stop
smoking program and work through it with her the next time we see her.
Sidney, chill guy; from Brazil, Martin, another African dude with a
cool family; and Peter an evangelicist preacher, but he loves the BOM,
and we have a few rendez vous set up this week to find new peeps, one
this evening with paulette.

Yesterday, we were in a ghetto part of town looking for an address,
felt like I was in Afghanistan, soon enough some muslim dudes starting
talking with us and soon enough it turned into an argument over the
Bible, after more and more muslim dudes started poppin up, that's when
we decided to bounce that joint and seeeeek shelta haha.  I do not
like muslims too much--scary; I do not like arabs, I do not like anyone with a moses-beard or a turban or a cloak with sandals and socks, noobs :-).

The toilet in the aparment has not been working for the past week, so
we either drop a duce at the church bathroom or squat over the bathtub
and drop it into a garbage bag; there was a fair amount of garbage
bags full of human dung chillin outside on the balcony but this
morning we took it down to the garbage bin, I haaave no idea when a
plumber is coming

And I heard that survivor man is dead; is this true?
Its really cool to hear what everyone is up to, thankyou for the news
and for the rugby stats; sooo cool; thankyou maja and faja

Much love thankyou for everything; until next time

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