Friday, March 9, 2012


The baptisms went very well; pretty smoothly, and we ate at their
place later that night; some really good african food; but then we got
in trouble cuz we got home late ha

The toilet has been blocked up for a couple days now; we broke the
first plunger and bought two more but nothing is working and the pipe
is leeking ha; so we called a guy in the ward; he should be coming
over later today.

I had an exchange with elder Broadbent this past Tuesday, he has been
in the field for 2 weeks, so we were both pretty new, we went to see
Joana D'arc one of our investigators to give her a word of wisdom
lesson and come up with a plan on how she can quit smoking so she can
be baptized.  However when she answered the door she seemed a little
strange; but anywho we went upstairs anyway and sat down, it wasnt
until she went into the kitchen and came out with a can of beer that we
found out she was drunk; very drunk indeed. So the situation is worse
then expected; we thought she just had a smoking problem, but we were
able to escape and we have set up another rendez vous, hopefully its

We had dinner last night with a brazilian couple; and they are both
from Goiania brazil; I told them that is were Aaron served and so I
need to ask him if he knows Ala ipiranga, apprently its her old ward;
so I thought it would be cool to ask,  A small world.

Everything else is going pretty smoothly, we need to find more new
people to start teaching; we have a few now; but they're not moving too
fast, thanks for the advice and the news and the packages...

much love

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