Monday, February 13, 2012

Saying Bye, Bye...

yeah it will be kinda sad; but itll be cool to start again in a new city, a couple weeks last week we set a baptismal date with Joseph and he came to church again yesterday? he loves the ward and the ward loves him so its really cool, buuuuut hes got a really sketchy background; hes an immigrant and trying to work on all his legality, applying for asylum i think; cuz he cant go back to his country, so of course technical stuff gets in the way; i will miss him the most, we were pretty tight; on sunday i told him i was leaving and at first he didnt understand but eventually it made sense to him "it hurts me brudda to see you go; i feel pains you understand; you are a nice guy; very good friend, but you have to find more people in brussels" aah shucks joseph haha he told me he wants to serve a mission one day haha wooooaah one step at a time brotha ha... but i sure hope hes able to be baptized. We went to his place to teach him last week, just a really sketchy hotel thing with lots of africans, he told us he had a dream where his family was telling him to come home and be the chief of the tribe, at that moment i was thinking aaah no way hes going home to africa; but then he said he just opened up the bom and it opened to mosiah 18 i think; and he read; the verses say to leave the traditions of your fathers; follow christ and be baptized; ha wow so he told us then that he wanted to be baptized; he liked us and everything we were telling him. pretty cool.
i gave away most of the recess on sunday; keeping some for brussels; but we had a ward meal after church in the sacrament room; i decided to play a game with the young men; i would give them a recess for each american state they name, after a couple minutes the bishop noticed and came over; started yelling states ha and then frere membre busted out his iphone and started searching up states and yelling em out; i ran out of recess pretty quick ha it escalated out of control
I gave my testimony and said bye bye in sacrament meeting; i took a moment to speak to just the young men, it would be fliiiiiipin hard to be a mormon teenage boy in northern france; so much respect.
faja thanks for the advice; its very true we need to set some goals early, i think my next comp is not american; hopefully hes a frenchy thatd help out the lang.
anyway yatta; thanks again; talk to you soon

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