Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Area!

hey homies; first off; we live at a different appartment than expected
194/3.2 Ave. de Broqueville
1200 Bruxelles
La Belgique

its pretty different up in here, really really big city, with all
sorts of different kinds of people, so its cool i like it. my new comp
is in his 4th transfer and im in my 3rd so we are both super young;
Elder Dicataldo; from Italy, speaks english alright and french pretty
good; so its cool, but we both "whitewashed" in, so the two elders
before us got sent out and we are both new; and the two before us left
the Craaaaapiest information; chaps my hide; reaaally frosts my
cookies; if i ever see them at zone conference; i tell you what.

But anywho so its pretty hard trying to figure out who is who, where
is where and what is what; alot of time spent in the area book
scratching our heads trying to figure something out, but we live in a
4 man apartment with the zone leaders so that makes things a little
easier; but the other zone leader is new too.

The ward is pretty big; 80 or so peeps were at church; and sacrament
were interesting; one was in portugese; one in spanish, one in english
and one in French, but they have translators and what not; all the
meetings are in both french and english, which is cool and what not
but its gonna take more work to learn the language; there quite a few
english spanish and portugese speakers in our ward. and when we went
contacting the other day; we ended up contacting more english speakers
than french speakers, and everything here is in French and Dutch; i
have no idea how a place can keep running with all these languages
goin around.

But its good, i like it, im learning quicker and contribute much much
more... now that im away from that leech trainer who sucked the life
out of me haha jokes jokes buut seriously.

Thats funny to hear about shlobus; and cool that austin got his mission call.

faja thanks for the talk; thats probably my biggest pet peeve when
people talk too much; especially during testimony meeting; but like
maja said i guess its cool she gave a talk

niiiiiiiiiiice faja; good talk; for reals cool stuff, i thinks its
cool once you pass the sunday school level of the gospel and really
start to figure out what its all about and how it woks; sunday school
was still the bomb! but i think thats something ive learned so far;
just how intensely cool the gospel can be when you really study it;
much respect; thanks again

we are teaching a mom and her daughter who are so so close to baptism
so we will keep working with that; i hope that everything with joseph
in saint quentin is going smoothly as well. anywho thanks for
everything; its cool to hear from you guys, the advice and everything
that the shmeegles are up to


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