Monday, November 19, 2012

A Great Conference...

The Elder Andersen conference was this last weekend; it was reaallly good.  it was good to go up and see paris for a bit too.  we got there a bit early; we got a bit lost looking for the chapel in versailles; there was fog up in that joint like it was nobodies business.  before the actual conference started we took a mission photo with elder andersen; elder teixiera; elder boutielle; president and his two councilors and all their wives, so that was cool; afterward we all lined up to shake all their hands; elder teixiera remembered me from bruxelles; so that was pretty cool, he asked me how i was doing.  conference was great; i wont go into details but it was good; andersen pretty much saying; hey its not easy here; probably the hardest; and we dont know why to be honest; buuut there will be a righeous people in every nation when the Savior comes, it was good stuff; he cracked plenty of jokes. they were all also at our stake conference yesterday in angers

That's crazy to hear about all those mission calls; that blows my mind that london and nate are leaving already; give them my congrats

This past week was hard; we had 5 bap dates at one point and between the periods of Wednesday to Thursday we only had 1, so 4 dropped dates over a couple days.  a  couple of them were people that i was 100 percent sure would be baptized, especially the last one; probably one of the most prepared amis i have ever seen; and he dropped us just like that out of nowhere; it was around 8 at night; we decided to pray and go balls out for the last hour and do some finding even though i felt like i had just been sucker punched in the family jewels.  We drove and saw a large apartment building; lets port that puppy out we said, as we got out of the car; a girl yelled over to us, long story short she said she had prayed a little while earlier cuz she was feeling pretty down in the dumps spiritually, so we told her; hey we prayed about 5 minutes ago to be led to someone; it was a great moment; we talked for a while and she invited us to her families place.

I was on an exchange when we went over and saw them; i was with a blue missionary; 4 weeks in the field; we met up with the girl again; 21 years old; met her mom; and her sister and her brother; african family; practicing catholic.  had a LEGIT rendez vous with them; the mom looved us; so much that she invited us over to eat dinner the next day; so the next day we ate some african food baby; foofoo; pondu; fish; chicken; rice; and beignets.  we ate with are hands; cuz thats how they role. so legit; so good. great fam; we are seeing them tonight; hopefully set a bap date

So now we have 2 dates; we found another guy too.

What am i thankful for....?  I am thankful for america, more specifically, utah, orem.  That place is a literal paradise; i am convinced there is no better place in the entire world. I am greatful for a living prophet; the priesthood, i am thankful for french pastries, and cheese. my brothas, and how they make me laugh with their shinanigans, my sister and her good example of patience. shlobus and his pooka nooey.  ma maman et mon papa, de plus en plus chaque jour je me rends compte combien ils sont une bendection dans ma vie.

So anyways; thats about it, we have thanksgiving turkey bowl coming up; so have to get ready for that too, gave our food assignements last night woohoo

much love

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