Monday, November 26, 2012

A Good Thanksgiving...

No turducken this year?? hmmm tisk tisk. 

        Our turkey bowl thing went well; and the meal, owned the noobs as usual ha; Elder Burgess brought a rugby ball; me and him threw it around a bit afterwards; oh joobies; clearly it has been a year since i have passed a rugby ball; my accuracy was pretty shaky haha.
       What else; we had dinner with a guy from the french foreign legion this week, him and his family, he is a great guy, of course no longer in the FFL, he did his 5 years and now he is out.
       Our zone is doing soo much better now; after we started calling the DLS more and they call their missionaries everyday; people are starting to be more accountable; good stuff; good stuff indeed.
       We did some bat porting last night; somebody didnt like us at all, on our way out of the building my comp and i both got pretty soaked; some guy chucked a bucket of water on us from one of the stories above, i sure hope it was water; i tried to find which window it came out of, but he hid himself well; well played well played indeed; i cant hate because i would have done the exact same thing haha either that or i would let us in, feed us, and be baptized!!
       About what i want to do after the mission; to be honest i am not too sure, all i do know at this point is i am going to go to University of Utah and probably try out for the diving team, i think that will be something that could really interest me..... nah i kid.  I know i want to go back to BYU and keep playing rugby, thats for sure; which major and when?? i am not too sure, i like business and geology, and burritos; so i will see where that can lead.  Its true i need to give it some serious thought; so i will let you know what happens
       Everything else is going well, we continue to help our two baptismal dates move toward baptism; it's a battle; slowly but surely they will get there.  

       We meet amazing people everyday, great stuff

much love

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