Monday, August 20, 2012

He Has Food!

Ha dont worry too much about the food; yesterday at church; members brought us boxes and boxes of food; so we are pretty well stocked up right now; its something they do once a month here; families bring the missionaries a bunch of food.

so no spaghetti and carrots for us this week; thats for sure

My comp is from Chico California; funny guy; pretty shy and awkward but hes funny ha which is good. THE PICKIEST eater ever though; i know i know you guys would always give me a hard time for being a picky eater; but hey; i think i grew out of that; i was eating n'importe quoi throught highschool and college, but my comp, its pretty bad ha so whenver we go to eat at members houses i make sure that i serve the food and load up his plate with all kinds of the goodies he doesnt like ha; he gets soo mad at me but i just laugh ha

Yes indeed yes indeed DC and Richie; half man; half god; no i kid... but seriously

The two families are going great; but yesterday morning when we were getting ready to go to Church they both called about an hour before it started and canceled; aahhh noooo, thats the worst feeling ever; one of the moms in the family is being kind of ridiculous; shes really hard to communicate with; doesnt understand much, but the kids love us; and we love the kids, we should be seeing them tomorrow and we are going to try and give them a baptismal date.

We went bat porting last night for the first time this transfer; its been a while since ive done that, bat porting; you find this huge ghetto apartment complex building; wait for someone to walk out because its locked to get in; shmeegle your way in; go up to the top; 14 15 floors and work your way down; knocking on all the doors; last night we werre in the ghetto of ghettos hahaha, as soon as we finally got into one my comp elder guymon let out a groan; uuuueehhh, this is horrifying haha it was pretty sketch; lots of muslims and africans; but thats ALL we did in Saint Quentin; i got pretty good at getting let in

then in Brusseles i didnt knock on a single door; for three transfers; but i decided to try it again last night; yeah not the most effective; but it was funny

all else is well, thanks for the package; NUTTY BARS, lelelelelelelelelelelelelelele

much love

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